Hana Michi Otome Manga

Hana Michi Otome Manga


Hana Michi Otome

Alternate Name: Hana-Michi Otome, Hanamichi Otome
Year of Release: 2010
Status: Completed
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Romance Shounen Slice of Life
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When Mikoto was little, she first heard the voices of plants. She also gained flower markings on her face and body, as a sign of her connection to them. Unfortunately for her, she was brutally teased and bullied, both for the markings and her claims that she could hear flowers talking. By the time she was in high school, Mikoto took to wearing clothes specifically designed to cover everything, but she still couldn't escape her classmates' bullying. One day, a strange and exuberant transfer student, Aozakura Yuji, appears and takes an interest in Mikoto. He's determined to start a flower arrangement club, but with a twist: he wants to photograph beautiful girls arranged with flowers. He first pursues Mikoto, both for her beauty and because he bears the same flower markings as she does. After he photographs her for a promotional poster, everyone at school can see the beauty of Mikoto and her flower markings. Will Aozakura's flower arrangement club succeed? Is this the start of a new high school life for Mikoto?

Chapter Name Date Added
Hana Michi Otome 1 : The Life Of A Flower
Hana Michi Otome 2 : The Place of First Love
Hana Michi Otome 3 : Lovers After School
Hana Michi Otome 4 : The Flower - Blooming Maidens
Hana Michi Otome 5 : The Stolen Princess and Isolated Princess
Hana Michi Otome 6 : The Light Between
Hana Michi Otome 7 : Hinata's Sweetly Strange Day (Part One)
Hana Michi Otome 8 : Hinata's Sweetly Strange Day (Part Two)