Myuuzu Gakuen de Aou Manga

Myuuzu Gakuen de Aou Manga


Myuuzu Gakuen de Aou

Alternate Name: Let's Meet at the Campus of Muses, See You in the School of the Muse, Muse no Gakuen de Aou, Myuuzu no Gakuen de Aou, Warui Yume, Bad Dream, Cage, Ori, Like the Barren Wasteland, Areno no Gotoku
Year of Release: 2007
Status: Ongoing
Author: Tateno, Makoto (Story & Art)
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Yaoi
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Myuuzu Gakuen de Aou [See You at the School of Muses][???????????] - Outstanding student of Misonoi Campus Tadafumi Hanai of has to tutor Still's lead member Ohtsuki Yuu, who is Hanai-kun's schoolmate. A scholar vs a star! (from B-U) Volume 1 also contains the oneshot: Warui Yume [Bad Dream][ ??? ] - Related side story. Satoru Kidaka and Akitoshi Kazu have been together since school. Now they're roommates and Satoru decides they should break up, but still live together. Kazu agrees, but can it really be as easy as that? (B-U) Volume 2 also contains the oneshots: 1) Cage [Ori][ ? ] - Related side story. Older brother forces younger into a sexual relationship after their parents' death. (B-U) 2) Like the Barren Wasteland [Areno no Gotoku][ ????? ] -Unrelated extra. Lord William Preston and Lord Chris Clouder engage in a duel. Preston is shot and falls off a cliff, everyone thinks he's dead. But Clouder has rescued him and secretly taken him home. What does he intend to do with his defeated rival under his power? (B-U)

Chapter Name Date Added
Myuuzu Gakuen de Aou 1 : 1
Myuuzu Gakuen de Aou 2 : 2
Myuuzu Gakuen de Aou 3 : 3
Myuuzu Gakuen de Aou 4 : 4