Setsuna Graffiti Manga

Setsuna Graffiti Manga


Setsuna Graffiti

Alternate Name: Blinking Graffiti
Year of Release: 2014
Status: Ongoing
Author: KINO Hinoki
Artist: KINO Hinoki
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Shoujo
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High-schooler Kou has left his grandparents in Tokyo to return to Yamami-chou, where he lived as a child. An incident he experienced in his youth has left Kou with a crippling fear of fire, until he meets with a “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” who changes his life. A coming-of-age story revolving around boys who dream of becoming pyrotechnicians, brought to you by Kino Hinoki, of ‘No.6’!

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