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Akira Manga
Akira Manga
Name :Akira
Alternate Name :???
Year of Release :1982 - 1990
Status :Completed
Author :Otomo, Katsuhiro (Story)
Artist :Otomo, Katsuhiro (Story)
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :Sci-Fi
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In the year 2038. A police state, scheming politicians, religios sects, revolutionaries and a secret scientific project all combine to produce an explosive mixture in Neo-Tokyo. The rival groups all have their eyes on one prize: control of Akira, a boy of such destructive psychic ability that he has been held in cryo-stasis for over 30 years. A coup is planned, but there is a wild card in play: the psychic Tetsuo, an impetuous young biker who releases Akira and so forces all of the groups to make their move.

Chapter NameDate Added
Akira 1 : Volume 107/05/2009
Akira 2 : Volume 207/05/2009
Akira 3 : Volume 307/05/2009
Akira 4 : Volume 407/05/2009
Akira 5 : Volume 507/05/2009
Akira 6 : Volume 607/05/2009