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Atsui Hibi Manga

Atsui Hibi Manga


Atsui Hibi

Alternate Name:
Year of Release: 2002
Status: Completed
Author: MIDORIKAWA Yuki (Story & Art)
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Drama Romance School Life Shoujo
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One-shots collection : 1- Atsui Hibi When Kuniyoshi was on his way home, he saw honour student, Ikeda, in the river looking for his notebook. Then, the girl who picked up the notebook, Murozono appears and she has come to know about the ‘murder-plans’ written in it… 2- Flower's marking 3- Cold days like before 4- Nameless Guest

Chapter Name Date Added
Atsui Hibi 1 : Atsui Hibi
Atsui Hibi 2 : Atsui Hibi
Atsui Hibi 3 : Cold days like before
Atsui Hibi 4 : Nameless Guest