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Beatless - Dystopia Manga
Beatless - Dystopia Manga
Name :Beatless - Dystopia
Alternate Name :BEATLESS-dystopia
Year of Release :2012
Status :Completed
Author :HASE Satoshi
Artist :UGUISU Kagura
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :ActionDramaRomanceSci-FiShounen
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---I believe in that smile. Even if you don't have a soul--- 2105 A.D. Japan The humanoid android hiE became part of people's life and was handling the things human could and couldn't do. Endou Arato, unlike his friends Kenko and Ryou who hate hiE, felt sympathy for hiE which are supposed to be just objects. One night, Arato suddenly gets assaulted by mysterious falling cherry blossoms that make hiE and machines run havoc. Will the cornered Arato be saved by the mysterious hiE Lacia.... from vol.1 cover,

Chapter NameDate Added
Beatless - Dystopia 1 : Encounter06/06/2013
Beatless - Dystopia 2 : Contract06/06/2013
Beatless - Dystopia 3 : New Days06/06/2013
Beatless - Dystopia 4 : Place Of The Soul06/06/2013
Beatless - Dystopia 5 : Disquieting Advice06/06/2013
Beatless - Dystopia 6 : Relative Distance06/06/2013
Beatless - Dystopia 7 : Embarassement10/23/2013
Beatless - Dystopia 8 : Disquieting10/27/2013
Beatless - Dystopia 9 : The Plotted Assault11/14/2013
Beatless - Dystopia 10 : The Automated World 12/05/2013
Beatless - Dystopia 11 : For Friendship12/21/2013
Beatless - Dystopia 12 : The Future Of Humans And Things01/31/2014