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Bird of Youth Manga
Bird of Youth Manga
Name :Bird of Youth
Alternate Name :Qing Chun Xiao Niao, Youthful Bird
Year of Release :1996
Status :Completed
Author :Zhang Jing Mei
Artist :Zhang Jing Mei
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :FantasyHistoricalRomanceShoujo
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From Evil Flowers: Qing Chun, a canary, and Chen Di, a rooster, are holly birds that can take the form of humans. Chen Di has the job to wake the earth every morning whit his singing and Quig Chun is the one who eases everyone's heart with her beautiful songs. Pan Yi is the human Quin Chun felt in love with and just once she would like to be the one who wakes him up in the morning. She asks Chen Di to let her perform his job for enlist one day and in the end he agrees because he loves her, but things don't go exactly as planned for Quin Chun and somehow Pan Yi ends up finding her secret.

Chapter NameDate Added
Bird of Youth 1 : 02/15/2012
Bird of Youth 2 : 02/15/2012
Bird of Youth 3 : 02/15/2012
Bird of Youth 4 : 02/15/2012
Bird of Youth 5 : 02/15/2012
Bird of Youth 6 : 02/15/2012
Bird of Youth 7 : Vol2 Ch302/15/2012
Bird of Youth 8 : Vol2 Ch405/15/2012
Bird of Youth 9 : Vol3 Ch105/21/2012
Bird of Youth 10 : Vol3 Ch205/21/2012
Bird of Youth 11 : Vol3 Ch305/21/2012
Bird of Youth 12 : Vol3 Ch406/23/2012
Bird of Youth 13 : Vol4 Ch108/18/2012
Bird of Youth 14 : Vol4 Ch210/07/2012
Bird of Youth 15 : Vol4 Ch3 + Omake12/26/2012