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Count Cain Manga
Count Cain Manga
Name :Count Cain
Alternate Name :Earl Cain, Hakushaku Cain, Count Cain, Double, Cain Saga
Year of Release :1992-1994
Status :Completed
Author :Yuki, Kaori (Story & Art)
Artist :
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :HorrorMysteryShoujo
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Delve into the tortured past of Earl Cain C. Hargreaves, charismatic heir to a wealthy family full of secrets, lies and unthinkable crimes. The prequel to the Godchild series, The Cain Saga follows the young Cain as he attempts to unravel the secrets of his birth, all the while solving each new mystery that comes his way. (Source: Viz)

Chapter NameDate Added
Count Cain 1 : Forgotten Juliet12/15/2009
Count Cain 2 : Bibi the Branded12/15/2009
Count Cain 3 : The Death of Cleo Dreyfus12/15/2009
Count Cain 4 : The Hanged Man12/15/2009
Count Cain 5 : Sound of a Boy Hatching12/15/2009
Count Cain 6 : Who Killed Cock Robin12/15/2009
Count Cain 7 : The Tragedy of Miss Pudding12/15/2009
Count Cain 8 : Twisted Fairytale12/15/2009
Count Cain 9 : Kafka 112/15/2009
Count Cain 10 : Kafka 212/15/2009
Count Cain 11 : Kafka 312/15/2009
Count Cain 12 : Kafka 412/15/2009
Count Cain 13 : Kafka 512/15/2009
Count Cain 14 : Mark of the Red Ram 112/15/2009
Count Cain 15 : Mark of the Red Ram 212/15/2009
Count Cain 16 : Mark of the Red Ram 312/15/2009
Count Cain 17 : Mark of the Red Ram 412/15/2009
Count Cain 18 : Mark of the Red Ram 512/15/2009
Count Cain 19 : Mark of the Red Ram 612/15/2009
Count Cain 20 : Mark of the Red Ram 712/15/2009
Count Cain 21 : Mark of the Red Ram 812/15/2009
Count Cain 22 : Mark of the Red Ram 912/15/2009
Count Cain 23 : Mark of the Red Ram 1012/15/2009
Count Cain 24 : Mark of the Red Ram 1112/15/2009
Count Cain 25 : Elizabeth in the Looking-Glass12/15/2009