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Drop Manga
Drop Manga
Name :Drop
Alternate Name :Doroppu
Year of Release :2007
Status :Ongoing
Author :SHINAGAWA Hiroshi
Artist :SUZUKI Dai, TAKAHASHI Hiroshi
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :ActionSchool LifeShounen
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Hiroshi Shinanogawa is a teenager who loves reading mangas about delinquents. He wants to be bad-ass like his favorite comics: "Rokudenashi BLUES", "Shounan Bousouzoku," "Crows" and "WORST." In the last summer of his middle school's life he decides to become a delinquent. He leaves the prestigious private school and "drop outs" to start leading a life as a delinquent. Now he is a member of the gang that rules Komae Kita Middle School, hiding the fact that he is an amateur at being a delinquent. He stays and fights together with Iguchi Tatsuya, a leader of a gang and a delinquent who Hiroshi aims to be like. [houbi]

Chapter NameDate Added
Drop 1 : 01/07/2012
Drop 2 : 03/16/2013
Drop 3 : 03/16/2013
Drop 4 : 03/16/2013
Drop 5 : 03/16/2013
Drop 6 : 03/16/2013
Drop 7 : 03/16/2013
Drop 8 : 03/16/2013
Drop 9 : 03/16/2013
Drop 10 : 03/16/2013
Drop 11 : 03/16/2013
Drop 12 : 03/16/2013
Drop 13 : 03/16/2013
Drop 14 : 03/16/2013
Drop 15 : 03/16/2013
Drop 16 : 03/16/2013