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Esprit Manga
Esprit Manga
Name :Esprit
Alternate Name :Esupurito
Year of Release :2008
Status :Completed
Author :TSUTSUI Taishi
Artist :TSUTSUI Taishi
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :ActionAdventureComedyFantasySchool LifeShounenSupernatural
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From Manga-Heaven: "You can do anything if you put your mind to it." That is how Mio was raised... if you could call it that... by her rather lazy guardian Reki. Born on an island she has never been off of, Mio grows bored of her everyday life... That is until Sarah comes along. Sarah is a member of an organization that explores and manages many "Homes", islands much like Mio's. For Mio this is her ticket to adventure, excitement and the most interesting thing of all... school! But is the school ready for Mio?

Chapter NameDate Added
Esprit 1 : A Village Girl Comes to Know the Ocean01/07/2012
Esprit 2 : The Zen of Drinking Tea01/07/2012
Esprit 3 : A Girl's and Island Sky01/07/2012
Esprit 4 : If You've Got a Bite, You've Found Love01/07/2012
Esprit 5 : Mermaids and Water are One and the Same01/07/2012
Esprit 6 : A Good Friend's Smile and a Good Friend's Scowl01/07/2012
Esprit 7 : The Spirit of Three01/07/2012
Esprit 8 : The Ant Goes After Dragon Hair01/07/2012
Esprit 9 : Great Weather for a Voyage that Cannot Wait01/07/2012
Esprit 10 : Rainfall of Emotions, Without the Thought of Rain01/07/2012
Esprit 11 : My Heart's Not a Fish, so it Must Not be Hooked01/07/2012
Esprit 12 : Arrogance, the Reason for Being Caged01/07/2012
Esprit 13 : A Voiceless Firefly Burns From Within01/07/2012
Esprit 14 : You Ain't Getting to the Outer Sea without Flying over the Inner01/07/2012
Esprit 15 : To Catch A Falling Star01/09/2012
Esprit 16 : Keeping Things Precious As You Would A Ring06/17/2012
Esprit 17 : A Red Face At Night.....07/18/2012
Esprit 18 : ...But Becoming a Skeleton in the Morning.03/26/2013
Esprit 19 : Success When Kept In Secret06/04/2013
Esprit 20 : Beatiful Women On The Carnage12/07/2013
Esprit 21 : Transient Winds01/10/2014
Esprit 22 : 04/01/2014
Esprit 23 : 11/04/2014
Esprit 24 : 06/24/2015
Esprit 25 : On Heaven and Earth, Within This Body is Eternity07/28/2015
Esprit 26 : On Heaven Earth , Within This Body is Eternity07/31/2015
Esprit 27 : He is Content With What He Has09/01/2015
Esprit 28 : Path of Friendship11/10/2015
Esprit 29 : 02/06/2016
Esprit 30 : 02/08/2016