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Femme Fatale Manga
Femme Fatale Manga
Name :Femme Fatale
Alternate Name :
Year of Release :2007
Status :Ongoing
Author :SHIGISAWA Kaya
Artist :SHIGISAWA Kaya
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :DramaRomanceSchool LifeSeinenSlice of Life
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The term “femme fatale”, or “deadly woman”, is a stereotype of an alluring woman who charms her lover into an unsatiable desire for her, and draws them into dangerous situations. Its Japanese translation means “the fated woman”. In this thrilling romance, Saito Hajime joins a club at his college and meets the “femme fatale”: Yukari Ebisawa, a graduate student who loves donuts and has quite a quirky personality – and a boyfriend. However, their relationship soon becomes complicated, interfering with their friends, work, and club duties…

Chapter NameDate Added
Femme Fatale 1 : My Name And A Woman Who's Responsible To Understand01/16/2011
Femme Fatale 2 : Lethal Weapon And Her Boyfriend01/16/2011
Femme Fatale 3 : A Red-Bean Drink And His Situation01/30/2011
Femme Fatale 4 : I Wonder How Long It'd Been Already05/26/2011
Femme Fatale 5 : The Burning Trap On That Sleepless Night08/25/2011
Femme Fatale 6 : The Deep Reasons Behind Her Tears08/25/2011
Femme Fatale 7 : Rewievs, And The Rumored Woman09/24/2011
Femme Fatale 8 : A Lie Without Any Lies10/22/2011
Femme Fatale 9 : The Dumpling Party And The Party After That02/06/2012
Femme Fatale 10 : From The Start, She Was Impossible To Comprehend.03/27/2012
Femme Fatale 11 : Finally The Night Ends, And Then 04/01/2012
Femme Fatale 12 : END04/22/2012