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Girls Saurus Manga
Girls Saurus Manga
Name :Girls Saurus
Alternate Name :????????, Girls Saurus
Year of Release :2002
Status :Completed
Author :Kusunoki, Kei (Story & Art)
Artist :
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :ComedyEcchiHaremRomance
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Kanji was a normal student until the day he got confessed by a girl who beat him up after he rejected her. After he got beaten up , he gets some kind of phobia and a really disturbing one, he is afraid of women!!! To fight against his fear and to be able to protect himself he enters a boxing club, and you can imagine his reaction when he learns that all the members of this club are females, and more then that he meets the girl that beat him, who somehow transformed from fat and ugly girl into a gorgeous babe...

Chapter NameDate Added
Girls Saurus 1 : Girls Saurus12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 2 : Dinosaur's Feelings12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 3 : Dinosaur's Trap12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 4 : Dinosaur's Attack12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 5 : Dinosaur's Shyness12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 6 : Girls Saurus - Train12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 7 : Ghost - Girls Saurus12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 8 : Girls Saurus - Competition I12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 9 : Girls Saurus - Competition II12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 10 : Monster - Girls Saurus12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 11 : Mini - Girls Saurus12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 12 : Younger Sister - Girls Saurus12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 13 : Fanatic Dinosaur Girl12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 14 : No Compassion, No Justice Dinosaur Girl12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 15 : Public Bath, Dinosaur Girl12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 16 : Yamoto Girls Saurus12/13/2009
Girls Saurus 17 : Dangerous Nights Girls Saurus12/13/2009