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Hanza Sky Manga
Hanza Sky Manga
Name :Hanza Sky
Alternate Name :Hanaza Sky
Year of Release :2010
Status :Ongoing
Author :SADOGAWA Jun
Artist :SADOGAWA Jun
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :ActionComedyMartial ArtsSchool LifeShounen
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The main character is a delinquent feared in the whole region. He tried to start a new peaceful life full of love instead of blood but his past immediately catches up to him and reveals his true identity to everyone in the class. He meets a girl in trouble and decides to revert to his old self just to save her.... except she doesn\'t really need saving, beats him up and calls him weak!. He fell in love with this \"flower that blooms in the battlefield\" and decided to try to join the karate club (she\'s the captain) just to get close to her... but things aren\'t that easy....

Chapter NameDate Added
Hanza Sky 1 : Bloody Dragon11/22/2010
Hanza Sky 2 : I'll Return Much Stronger12/06/2010
Hanza Sky 3 : Are You Strong?12/06/2010
Hanza Sky 4 : I'll Become Stronger. The Bloody Karate Club12/13/2010
Hanza Sky 5 : Hold Back The Tears12/20/2010
Hanza Sky 6 : The Filled Heart12/20/2010
Hanza Sky 7 : Bow12/27/2010
Hanza Sky 8 : The Only Beginner01/03/2011
Hanza Sky 9 : This is Karate!01/11/2011
Hanza Sky 10 : Fujuki's Lesson: Chudan Gyaku Zuki!01/16/2011
Hanza Sky 11 : Even Then, I..01/31/2011
Hanza Sky 12 : The Point of Realization02/28/2011
Hanza Sky 13 : Mikada Warrior03/28/2011
Hanza Sky 14 : The High School Karate Club's Battle Record!!05/09/2011
Hanza Sky 15 : Hanze Ryuunosuke First Battle07/04/2011
Hanza Sky 16 : 07/11/2011
Hanza Sky 17 : Obsession With Victory08/08/2011
Hanza Sky 18 : 02/08/2012
Hanza Sky 19 : First Victory After The Celebration...03/28/2012
Hanza Sky 20 : Bamba, Going All Out!03/28/2012
Hanza Sky 21 : Revenge04/20/2013
Hanza Sky 22 : Clash! Aoyagi vs Ina04/20/2013
Hanza Sky 23 : Killer Bee05/22/2013
Hanza Sky 24 : One Who Looks Above06/01/2013
Hanza Sky 25 : The Mysterious Woman06/01/2013
Hanza Sky 26 : Fist Of Protection06/01/2013
Hanza Sky 27 : Survival Game06/01/2013
Hanza Sky 28 : Tainted Fist06/01/2013
Hanza Sky 29 : The Stupid Fighter06/01/2013
Hanza Sky 30 : Comrades06/01/2013
Hanza Sky 31 : I'll Give My Best Too!03/31/2015
Hanza Sky 32 : Emergency Kick04/05/2015
Hanza Sky 33 : 05/17/2015