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Honoka Level Up! Manga

Honoka Level Up! Manga


Honoka Level Up!

Alternate Name: Honoka Lv. Up!
Year of Release: 2006
Status: Ongoing
Author: OHTA Akiyoshi (Story), Matsuda98 (Art)
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Comedy Shounen Slice of Life
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As a lonely girl who draws for fun, Honoka was just a regular student until the day her uncle, Ryuichi, hired her to work as a character designer at his newly created game company. Now thrust into a complex, corporate world, newcomer Honoka begins to learn the ins and outs of the video game industry: the politics involved, each person’s responsibilities, and how a game is put together. It’s a lot to take in, but one thing’s for sure—she’s going to step up her game if she wants to succeed, as putting together a video game is no easy task! A realistic story about what it’s like to work for a video game company. Learn about the gaming industry through Honoka’s eyes.

Chapter Name Date Added
Honoka Level Up! 1 : The First Chance
Honoka Level Up! 2 : Encounter And Confusion
Honoka Level Up! 3 : Things One Has To Realize
Honoka Level Up! 4 : The World Begins to Move
Honoka Level Up! 5 : A New Pal
Honoka Level Up! 6 : Brave Heart