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Ikusaba Animation Manga

Ikusaba Animation Manga


Ikusaba Animation

Alternate Name:
Year of Release: 2013
Status: Ongoing
Author: NAKADA Takahiro
Artist: NAKADA Takahiro
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Comedy School Life Shounen
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From Dan of Population GO: Hachiya Mitsuka has a voice straight out of an anime. In the past she was bullied because of the way her voice sounded and had no friends, thus when she entered High School she wanted a different life, she wanted to have friends. After school on the first day of class a classmate, Kanisawa Kansai, hears Mitsuka's voice after she tried to hide it. But instead of shunning her he instead asks to be a voice actor for his anime!

Chapter Name Date Added
Ikusaba Animation 1 : Opening, “That’s animation!”
Ikusaba Animation 2 : Give Your Voice to Our Anime!
Ikusaba Animation 3 : It Has a Soul
Ikusaba Animation 4 : This Anime is the Best
Ikusaba Animation 5 : I Can't Die
Ikusaba Animation 6 : It Can't Just be a Dream
Ikusaba Animation 7 : I'm in Love With