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Jigokudou Reikai Tsuushin Manga

Jigokudou Reikai Tsuushin Manga


Jigokudou Reikai Tsuushin

Alternate Name: Hell Hall-Spirit World Communication, Jigokudo Reikai Tsushin
Year of Release: 2008
Status: Ongoing
Author: KOUZUKI Hinowa
Artist: Mimori
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Fantasy Seinen Supernatural
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etsushi (a 5th grader delinquent who rules over the students of Jouin elementary), Ryuuchin (Tetsushi's right hand man) and Tsuda (their sometimes-ally), are known to everyone in town as the "three evil prankster kings." In a creepy pharmacy located out-of-town, the boys meet an old man who bestows a strange and other-worldly power upon them. Soon after, our 3 young pranksters find themselves battling a variety of ghosts and demons...!?