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Joou no Hana Manga
Joou no Hana Manga
Name :Joou no Hana
Alternate Name :Flower of Queen, Joou no Hana - Tokubetsu Prologue, Joou no Hana: Tokubetsu Prologue, Queen's Flower
Year of Release :2008
Status :Ongoing
Author :IZUMI Kaneyoshi
Artist :IZUMI Kaneyoshi
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :HistoricalRomanceShoujo
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Aki, an exiled princess of the Akoku kingdom, lives a happy, if simple life, taking care of her mother. One day, the cheerful princess meets Hakusei, a slave with hair the color of gold and eyes rivaling the blueness of the sky. Despite hailing from different backgrounds, the two become friends. Will their relationship advance or is our princess destined for someone else?

Chapter NameDate Added
Joou no Hana 1 : Chapter 1 A06/28/2012
Joou no Hana 2 : Chapter 1 B06/28/2012
Joou no Hana 3 : Chapter 1 C06/28/2012
Joou no Hana 4 : Chapter 2 A07/25/2012
Joou no Hana 5 : Chapter 2 B10/16/2012
Joou no Hana 6 : Chapter 2 C11/05/2012
Joou no Hana 7 : Chapter 3 A04/01/2013
Joou no Hana 8 : Chapter 3 B04/01/2013
Joou no Hana 9 : Chapter 4 A08/03/2013
Joou no Hana 10 : Chapter 4 B11/25/2013
Joou no Hana 11 : Chapter 4 C02/17/2014
Joou no Hana 12 : 04/28/2016
Joou no Hana 13 : 06/06/2016
Joou no Hana 14 : 11/14/2016
Joou no Hana 15 : 12/22/2017
Joou no Hana 16 : 10/18/2018
Joou no Hana 17 : 10/18/2018