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Kami-sama no Joker Manga

Kami-sama no Joker Manga


Kami-sama no Joker

Alternate Name: Kami-sama no Joker
Year of Release:
Status: Ongoing
Author: KUSUNOKI Michiharu
Artist: Sahara Mizu
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Drama Romance Seinen
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Ogata Kiwa is a mediocre male university student you can find anywhere. Not skilled at job hunting, he is always scolded by his hardworking girlfriend Mahiro. Kiwa has a secret he didn't tell anyone about. --He carries the "power to make wishes come true". But this dangerous power goes hand in hand with compensations. It's a secret he silently carries inside himself. However, once he opens up to Mahiro about the existence of this power, little by little, the gears of their fates go amiss--

Chapter Name Date Added
Kami-sama no Joker 1 :