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Kenka Shoubai Manga
Kenka Shoubai Manga
Name :Kenka Shoubai
Alternate Name :Fight Shop
Year of Release :2005
Status :Ongoing
Author :KITA Yasuaki
Artist :KITA Yasuaki
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :ActionComedyEcchiMartial ArtsMatureSeinen
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Satoh Jubei, a pervert and fighting expert, has moved to a new home again started off his ridiculous school life with other interesting people. The first one he met was a girl called Ayako, who has unrealistic expectations in Tokyo life. They had some extra-ordinarily close body contact. The series is full of ridiculous and perverted ideas. It also features some combat skills, traditional Judo vs open fighting.

Chapter NameDate Added
Kenka Shoubai 1 : Jubei, Stands Up In Utsunobiya!!12/19/2010
Kenka Shoubai 2 : Birth of The Third Power12/19/2010
Kenka Shoubai 3 : Son of Japan12/19/2010
Kenka Shoubai 4 : No Need To Worry12/19/2010
Kenka Shoubai 5 : Eye Poke12/19/2010
Kenka Shoubai 6 : The Reason Why I Started12/19/2010
Kenka Shoubai 7 : Curry From Hell12/19/2010
Kenka Shoubai 8 : Moon And Stars of The Sunny Sky12/19/2010
Kenka Shoubai 9 : Finding The Reason for Karate!01/16/2011
Kenka Shoubai 10 : Breath01/27/2011
Kenka Shoubai 11 : 04/01/2014
Kenka Shoubai 12 : The Queen Of Recycling04/01/2014
Kenka Shoubai 13 : High School Girls & High School Girls10/06/2014
Kenka Shoubai 14 : A Man 's Clara Rises in the Morning10/29/2014
Kenka Shoubai 15 : 06/29/2015
Kenka Shoubai 16 : 06/29/2015
Kenka Shoubai 17 : Stalker10/09/2015
Kenka Shoubai 18 : Full Moon Fist10/09/2015
Kenka Shoubai 19 : The Claw of the Tiger and the Mouth of the Dragon11/15/2015
Kenka Shoubai 20 : Fist of Darkness11/15/2015
Kenka Shoubai 21 : Intercostal Space11/15/2015