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Kigurumi Boueitai Manga
Kigurumi Boueitai Manga
Name :Kigurumi Boueitai
Alternate Name :Kigurumi Boueitai (Guardians), Kigurumi Guardians
Year of Release :2013
Status :Ongoing
Author :HOSHINO Lily
Artist :HOSHINO Lily
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :ComedyRomanceSchool LifeShoujoSlice of LifeSupernatural
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From Agent of Change Translations: Sasakura Hakka, 14 years old. One day, when I got home a strange creature in a Kigurumi suit, Ginger, was standing there! It seems like Hakka has been chosen to rise with her comrades as, Guardians, to protect this world from the evil invaders of a different dimension, but... The Kigurumi suited creatures have suddenly transformed into gorgeous male eye candies!? A heart-pounding, action packed Kigurumi Adventure!!

Chapter NameDate Added
Kigurumi Boueitai 1 : The Chosen Ones05/14/2015
Kigurumi Boueitai 2 : Romantic, Isn't It05/14/2015
Kigurumi Boueitai 3 : The School's #001 Beauty05/14/2015
Kigurumi Boueitai 4 : The First Shell05/14/2015
Kigurumi Boueitai 5 : Thank You05/14/2015
Kigurumi Boueitai 6 : I'll Take Your Word For It05/14/2015
Kigurumi Boueitai 7 : Good Person05/14/2015
Kigurumi Boueitai 8 : Do You Have One05/14/2015
Kigurumi Boueitai 9 : The Suspicious One Is05/14/2015
Kigurumi Boueitai 10 : Let's Play a Game!05/14/2015
Kigurumi Boueitai 11 : Can I Hug You05/14/2015
Kigurumi Boueitai 12 : Are You Good At Singing05/14/2015