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Lost Man Manga
Lost Man Manga
Name :Lost Man
Alternate Name :
Year of Release :2008
Status :Ongoing
Author :KUSABA Michiteru
Artist :KUSABA Michiteru
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :DramaSeinenSports
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There lives a man who has lost his memory and can’t remember where he’s from, and who he is, including his name. He just goes by the name Matsumoto and the one and only thing he remembers is how to play soccer. However, the one thing he does remember, he does exceptionally well, even better than the professionals. He sells his ridiculous soccer skills to teams and guarantees them goals and, even more important, wins. As he travels from city to city, country to country playing for money, he hopes that he regains his memory.

Chapter NameDate Added
Lost Man 1 : You've Got Work!!10/20/2011
Lost Man 2 : Demonstration11/02/2011
Lost Man 3 : Contract11/02/2011
Lost Man 4 : Pyschological Battle11/10/2011
Lost Man 5 : Contract Termination11/17/2011
Lost Man 6 : Nandeyanen!!11/25/2011
Lost Man 7 : Corner The Thief!12/06/2011
Lost Man 8 : Just as Planned12/17/2011
Lost Man 9 : Read The Atmosphere12/24/2011
Lost Man 10 : Home Game01/01/2012
Lost Man 11 : This Is Brazil!01/14/2012
Lost Man 12 : Messiah.. Right?03/08/2012
Lost Man 13 : Don't Screw with Me!01/25/2013
Lost Man 14 : 11 Minus 10 Equals...?02/02/2013
Lost Man 15 : All-Out Attack!02/02/2013
Lost Man 16 : Pleasant Charge05/22/2013
Lost Man 17 : You Were Watchin’?!05/22/2013
Lost Man 18 : When in the World!07/06/2013
Lost Man 19 : Bwaah! Matsumoto-san!!07/12/2013
Lost Man 20 : 10/18/2017
Lost Man 21 : 10/18/2017
Lost Man 22 : 10/18/2017
Lost Man 23 : 05/14/2018
Lost Man 24 : 05/16/2018