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Love Gashapon Manga

Love Gashapon Manga


Love Gashapon

Alternate Name: ?????
Year of Release: 2008
Status: Completed
Author: Yan Xi(Story & Art)
Reading Direction: Left to Right
Genre: Comedy Romance Shoujo
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It is 3 oneshots linked by the common theme of gashapon and some of the characters being friends with one another and/or attending the same school. • Love Gashapon On the first day that Yuhan moved into her new home, she discovered a window in her room that looks across directly at a neighbor s window. From that neighbor s window a mysterious shadow lurks... • Love Capsule Toy - Welcome, First Love YanZhu is a very shy girl, who has always liked her senpai but did not have the courage to confess. It is not until Valentines Day eve, after she bought a toy at Monmon s shop, that she finally got up the courage to confess, who knew... • Love Capsule Toy - A Prince without the Glass Slipper Zhou ZiYu is a playboy who has never refused anybody, so he has countless number of ex-girlfriends. He is this kind of guy, yet he meets his soulmate at a masque ball? This is the longest of the stories, has 3 parts.

Chapter Name Date Added
Love Gashapon 1 : Love Gashapon
Love Gashapon 2 : Love Capsule Toy - Welcome, First Love
Love Gashapon 3 : Love Capsule Toy - A Prince without the Glass Slipper