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Mardock Scramble Manga
Mardock Scramble Manga
Name :Mardock Scramble
Alternate Name :Marudoukku Sukuranburu, Marudukku Sukuranburu
Year of Release :2009
Status :Ongoing
Author :UBUKATA Tow
Artist :Ooima Yoshitoki
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :ActionAdventureDramaSci-FiShounen
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Why me? It was to be the last thought a young prostitute, Rune Balot, would ever have…as a human anyway. Taken in by a devious gambler named Shell, she became a slave to his cruel desires and would have been killed by his hand if not for a private investigator and his self-aware Universal Tool, Œufcoque. Now a cyborg, Balot has not only physical powers, but the ability to disrupt social environments. She chases after Shell, his partner-in-crime Boiled, and faces down a variety of insane villains in this pulse-pounding cyberpunk noir adventure.

Chapter NameDate Added
Mardock Scramble 1 : 09/14/2011
Mardock Scramble 2 : 09/14/2011
Mardock Scramble 3 : 09/14/2011
Mardock Scramble 4 : 09/14/2011
Mardock Scramble 5 : 09/14/2011
Mardock Scramble 6 : 09/14/2011