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Meteora Manga
Meteora Manga
Name :Meteora
Alternate Name :Meteora
Year of Release :
Status :Ongoing
Author :KUKU Hayate
Artist :KUKU Hayate
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :ActionShoujoSupernatural
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Due to a curse named “Meteora“, Lin Chong was born with a beast’s appearance. When he was left by the side of the road, he was picked up and saved by a magistrate named Oushin. Time passed, and he grew into a fine young man, spending his days peacefully under Oushin’s care. However, the curse did not disappear, and Lin Chong still retained his beast’s tail. “Am I really not human?“ “What is Meteora?“ “Why was I born?“. While Lin Chong is struggling with these questions, a monk named Lu Zhishen appears...

Chapter NameDate Added
Meteora 1 : 12/18/2018
Meteora 2 : 12/18/2018
Meteora 3 : 02/24/2019
Meteora 4 : 02/24/2019