Mister X o Sagase Manga

Mister X o Sagase Manga


Mister X o Sagase

Alternate Name: Mister X wo Sagase, The Seduction Project
Year of Release: 2009
Status: Completed
Author: Miranda Lee
Artist: NAKAYAMA Sara
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Josei Romance
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From fictiondb: The wanting... When Molly transformed herself into a striking redhead, the entire male population of Sydney stood up and took notice! But her new look was for Liam Delaney's benefit alone; she loved him and she wished he felt the same about her. However it was passion that Molly inspired in Liam! And the fact that he thought she had another male admirer only made him desire her more. Though Molly had never rushed into a physical relationship with any man, perhaps the time had come for seduction? Madeover Molly might be, but deep down inside the was just an inexperienced virgin...

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