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Omumedai Manga
Omumedai Manga
Name :Omumedai
Alternate Name :
Year of Release :2011
Status :Ongoing
Author :KAYASE Shiki
Artist :KAYASE Shiki
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :DramaFantasyShoujoSupernatural
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In order to sustain a world on the verge of death, two groups, Blanches and Noires, vie for dreams. Every six months, the group with the fewer dreams has to send a number of members to the human world, where they will eventually die. Heki, a Blanche, fights to get ahead of the game, so he doesn’t have to see his friends shipped off... again.

Chapter NameDate Added
Omumedai 1 : 07/29/2013
Omumedai 2 : 07/29/2013
Omumedai 3 : 07/29/2013
Omumedai 4 : 07/29/2013
Omumedai 5 : 07/29/2013