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Open Sesame Manga
Open Sesame Manga
Name :Open Sesame
Alternate Name :
Year of Release :2001-2008
Status :Ongoing
Author :Kawakata, Kaoru (Story & Art)
Artist :
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :ComedyRomanceShounen
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Danjou Yamato is a high school student who lives in the countryside and is the boxing champion of the region. However, when his family has to move out to live in Tokyo, he is transfered to a school in Tokyo that was previously an all-girls school. Girls have a lot of power and give the guys a hard time. But Yamato will not bow down to the power of the girls, and on his way to claim power for the guys in the school, he finds out something about his past...something that he had forgotten long ago... (From AnimeWaves)

Chapter NameDate Added
Open Sesame 1 : Falling from the Sky a Little Demon05/23/2010
Open Sesame 2 : The Girls Circle Aggressive Competition05/23/2010
Open Sesame 3 : Struggling Guys Punch05/23/2010
Open Sesame 4 : Blurred Memory05/23/2010
Open Sesame 5 : A Storm comes to town05/23/2010
Open Sesame 6 : The Stranger than fiction 3-way relationship05/23/2010
Open Sesame 7 : Racing hearts05/23/2010
Open Sesame 8 : At the end of a short trip05/23/2010
Open Sesame 9 : A visit to tell of love05/23/2010
Open Sesame 10 : Attack of the unpredictable Fairy05/23/2010
Open Sesame 11 : Challenge from a Hot-Blooded Boy05/23/2010
Open Sesame 12 : Coincidence Fate Group Date05/23/2010
Open Sesame 13 : A Sucker Punch is a Confession of Love05/23/2010
Open Sesame 14 : Steaming Hot Summer Paradise Battle05/23/2010
Open Sesame 15 : Little Red Riding Hood Beware the big bad wolf05/23/2010
Open Sesame 16 : Big Forest Little Secrets05/23/2010
Open Sesame 17 : Memories from a Distance05/23/2010
Open Sesame 18 : Reencounter with a Small Distant Island05/23/2010
Open Sesame 19 : A Fateful Evening05/23/2010
Open Sesame 20 : Something about jobs05/23/2010
Open Sesame 21 : A Heart-Pounding work experience05/23/2010
Open Sesame 22 : Sunny Day Confession05/23/2010
Open Sesame 23 : Secret Love05/23/2010
Open Sesame 24 : Approaching a Long Summers End05/23/2010
Open Sesame 25 : Love Descends Like a Sudden Rain05/23/2010
Open Sesame 26 : Robas Confession Battle05/23/2010
Open Sesame 27 : Storm Thunder Fire Yamato05/23/2010
Open Sesame 28 : A youth from memories05/23/2010
Open Sesame 29 : secret Mission Fake Lover05/23/2010
Open Sesame 30 : The Lips of Melancholy05/23/2010
Open Sesame 31 : Between Memories and The future05/23/2010
Open Sesame 32 : The Moment the Gap Between the two Disappeared05/23/2010
Open Sesame 33 : The Feeling of Holding Hands and Smiling05/23/2010
Open Sesame 34 : Whos a Big star05/23/2010
Open Sesame 35 : Words that were never said05/23/2010
Open Sesame 36 : Dont Say Farewell Dont Shed Any Tears05/23/2010
Open Sesame 37 : Our special day05/23/2010
Open Sesame 38 : Tomorrows Song My Gift to You05/23/2010
Open Sesame 39 : A Solution For Love Somewhat of An Adult Situation05/23/2010
Open Sesame 40 : Grassy Plains and a Star-light Sky A different person and a bewildered one05/23/2010
Open Sesame 41 : Lets Go A double Blind Date05/23/2010
Open Sesame 42 : Cleansing Wars05/23/2010
Open Sesame 43 : The Worlds crudest Fellow05/23/2010
Open Sesame 44 : A Bright White Miracle05/23/2010
Open Sesame 45 : A Battle on the Court Over Yamato05/23/2010
Open Sesame 46 : The Heart grew wings and05/23/2010
Open Sesame 47 : For You I Can Do It05/23/2010
Open Sesame 48 : A Dangerous Evening Two In the Middle of the Night05/23/2010
Open Sesame 49 : One Summers Experience It cant wait05/23/2010
Open Sesame 50 : The shape of the heart05/23/2010
Open Sesame 51 : Those Two Are Girlfriend And Boyfriend05/23/2010
Open Sesame 52 : A confession is like storm05/23/2010
Open Sesame 53 : Theres Only One Song I want to sing05/23/2010
Open Sesame 54 : Duel Between Gentlemen05/23/2010
Open Sesame 55 : Just By Having You Here05/23/2010
Open Sesame 56 : A rival appears A straightforward Love test05/23/2010
Open Sesame 57 : The Girl From the memories05/23/2010
Open Sesame 58 : A Date with an Apprentice Geisha05/23/2010
Open Sesame 59 : The Last Date that transcends time05/23/2010
Open Sesame 60 : Do You like Devoted Guys05/23/2010
Open Sesame 61 : Sibling Fight05/23/2010
Open Sesame 62 : The Confession from Half a Year Ago05/23/2010
Open Sesame 63 : The Effect is Doubts05/23/2010
Open Sesame 64 : Until the Day We Meet Again05/23/2010
Open Sesame 65 : Your Name05/23/2010
Open Sesame 66 : The Curtain of War is Lifted05/23/2010
Open Sesame 67 : Towards an Uncertain Future05/23/2010
Open Sesame 68 : Determination05/23/2010
Open Sesame 69 : Tell Me Your Answer05/23/2010
Open Sesame 70 : A Trip to the Flea Market05/23/2010
Open Sesame 71 : A Question to the Heart05/23/2010
Open Sesame 72 : The Great Friendship Strategy05/23/2010
Open Sesame 73 : My Heart Says Love05/23/2010
Open Sesame 74 : The Two Who Couldn't Meet!05/23/2010
Open Sesame 75 : Tears, Which Came From The Sky05/23/2010
Open Sesame 76 : Realized Fellings05/23/2010
Open Sesame 77 : Confession05/23/2010
Open Sesame 78 : Now Or Never05/23/2010
Open Sesame 79 : One More Chance05/23/2010
Open Sesame 80 : Sorry05/23/2010
Open Sesame 81 : Sealed Memories05/23/2010
Open Sesame 82 : Even Though I Like You...05/23/2010
Open Sesame 83 : The Final Secret05/23/2010
Open Sesame 84 : The Final Door05/23/2010
Open Sesame 85 : Confession in Flames05/23/2010
Open Sesame 86 : Promise with Mutsuki05/23/2010
Open Sesame 87 : A New Refreshed Feel06/15/2010
Open Sesame 88 : Dating 10107/13/2010
Open Sesame 89 : Maki! Heart Aflutter!08/02/2010
Open Sesame 90 : Plans for The Future10/18/2010
Open Sesame 91 : Special Happy!10/28/2010
Open Sesame 92 : What I Want To Be11/23/2010
Open Sesame 93 : Tomorrow. After Your Exam12/29/2010
Open Sesame 94 : END01/24/2011