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RahXephon Manga
RahXephon Manga
Name :RahXephon
Alternate Name :Rah Xephon
Year of Release :2001-2002
Status :Completed
Author :Momose, Takeaki (Art), Izubuchi, Yutaka (Story)
Artist :
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :ActionDramaMechaSci-Fi
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A mysterious orb envelops the city of Tokyo. All forms of communication are severed, leaving the inhabitants of the newly dubbed Tokyo Jupiter ignorant to their fate. Along with the United Nations, a special organization known as TERRA is formed: their mission is to liberate Tokyo from the otherwordly MU -- those responsible for Tokyo s capture. (Source: Viz Media)

Chapter NameDate Added
RahXephon 1 : Birth12/27/2009
RahXephon 2 : The Real World12/27/2009
RahXephon 3 : Ally12/27/2009
RahXephon 4 : Awakening12/27/2009
RahXephon 5 : Trust + Afterword + Making of Raphxephon12/27/2009
RahXephon 6 : Alone12/27/2009
RahXephon 7 : Choice12/27/2009
RahXephon 8 : Desicion12/27/2009
RahXephon 9 : Paradise12/27/2009
RahXephon 10 : Destiny + Making of RahXephon 212/27/2009
RahXephon 11 : Synopsis + Promise12/27/2009
RahXephon 12 : Prayer12/27/2009
RahXephon 13 : Summer Snow12/27/2009
RahXephon 14 : Destruction12/27/2009
RahXephon 15 : Holy One12/27/2009
RahXephon 16 : Final: Over The Rainbow + Making RahXephon 312/27/2009