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Region Manga
Region Manga
Name :Region
Alternate Name :
Year of Release :2007
Status :Ongoing
Author :FUJISAWA Yuki
Artist :FUJISAWA Yuki
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :HorrorSeinen
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It’s February, and it still hasn’t snowed. Kanon’s father is going on a business trip and might be getting too friendly with a subordinate, which Kanon doesn’t approve of so soon after her mother’s death. Her little brother collects insects, but they’re dying off. And it turns out that this die off is the first of many a plague to come down. First it’s the insects. Then it’s the rats, looking for a new food source. Then it gets bad…

Chapter NameDate Added
Region 1 : Prelude01/30/2011
Region 2 : Feast of Darkness02/12/2011
Region 3 : Homeroom03/12/2011
Region 4 : Wait Until Darkness04/17/2011
Region 5 : Those With Sacred Profession05/08/2011
Region 6 : Country Side08/25/2011
Region 7 : Just Two Of Us!01/30/2012
Region 8 : Onigiri03/02/2012
Region 9 : Line of Defense03/20/2012
Region 10 : The Boat03/23/2012
Region 11 : Body Temperature04/05/2012
Region 12 : House Visit04/05/2012
Region 13 : The Black Carpet04/14/2012
Region 14 : Arrival of Angels04/14/2012
Region 15 : Miscalculation05/02/2012
Region 16 : Tsunami05/02/2012
Region 17 : Hierarchy05/13/2012
Region 18 : That Summer's Happiest Sea07/07/2012
Region 19 : The Last Fortress10/13/2012
Region 20 : Missing Child10/13/2012
Region 21 : Port City's Blues10/13/2012
Region 22 : In The End Of Despair10/13/2012
Region 23 : Reunion10/13/2012
Region 24 : Scenery I Have Seen in The End10/13/2012