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Sleeping Moon Manga

Sleeping Moon Manga


Sleeping Moon

Alternate Name: Sleeping Moon, Nemureru Tsuki
Year of Release: 2008
Status: Ongoing
Author: Miyamoto, Kano (Story & Art)
Reading Direction: Right to Left
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Akihiko, searching for answers about the early-death curse that afflicted his father, returns to the rural family seat, but when he arrives, he is faced with only more questions. What is the nature of his family s curse, and why does it strike down only male descendants? Who was the Meiji-era ghost that appears in Akihiko s visions? Above all, does his mysterious cousin Ren have the answers that he seeks? Find out in Miyamoto Kano s new Time-skip mystery, Sleeping Moon.

Chapter Name Date Added
Sleeping Moon 1 : 1
Sleeping Moon 2 : 2
Sleeping Moon 3 : 3
Sleeping Moon 4 : 4