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Sugar Dark Manga
Sugar Dark Manga
Name :Sugar Dark
Alternate Name :Sugar Dark: Umerareta Yami to Shoujo, Sugar Dark: The Buried Darkness and the Girl, Sugar Dark: The Girl Buried in Darkness, Sugar Dark: The Girl Filled with Darkness
Year of Release :2010
Status :Ongoing
Author :ARAI Enji
Artist :OOIWA Kenji
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :FantasySeinenSupernatural
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In an era filled with war, Private Reed is sentenced to death for murdering his Superior and is labeled "Criminal No.5722." While being lead to his grave, a mysterious person decides to take him in... -Tenji

Chapter NameDate Added
Sugar Dark 1 : The Mole And The Girl08/11/2011
Sugar Dark 2 : The Dark Dwellers08/11/2011
Sugar Dark 3 : Natural Enemy08/11/2011
Sugar Dark 4 : Friend Of The Night08/11/2011
Sugar Dark 5 : Black Innards08/11/2011
Sugar Dark 6 : Yukata's Inner Spring Scenery08/11/2011
Sugar Dark 7 : Grand Guignol08/11/2011
Sugar Dark 8 : Something Like Rain08/13/2011
Sugar Dark 9 : Flower Facing The Day08/14/2011
Sugar Dark 10 : 09/04/2011
Sugar Dark 11 : 09/09/2011
Sugar Dark 12 : Grave Robber09/11/2011
Sugar Dark 13 : Trickster09/15/2011
Sugar Dark 14 : The One Who Breaks God09/18/2011
Sugar Dark 15 : Fall Down09/19/2011
Sugar Dark 16 : Black Curtain11/01/2011
Sugar Dark 17 : Her Side11/17/2011
Sugar Dark 18 : Awakening12/08/2011
Sugar Dark 19 : END12/14/2011