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Suugaku Girl Manga
Suugaku Girl Manga
Name :Suugaku Girl
Alternate Name :Mathematical Girls
Year of Release :2008
Status :Completed
Author :YUUKI Hiroshi
Artist :HISAKA Mika
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :RomanceSchool LifeSeinen
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From author's site: "I (the term 'boku' is used, indicating that the narrator is a male teenager) love math. Just after the high school entrance ceremony I meet a beautiful girl, Milka. Milka is a mathematical genius. She gives me many math problems and shows me many elegant solutions. Milka and I spend a long time discussing math in the school library. A year later I meet another mathematical girl, Tetra. Tetra is one year younger than me, and asks me to teach her math. While I teach her, she begins to understand math and to love its elegance gradually." In the first volume (series), we talk about Fibonacci Numbers, Harmonic Numbers, Finite and Infinite Sums, Factorization, The Bazel Problem, Partitions of the Integer, and Generating Functions.

Chapter NameDate Added
Suugaku Girl 1 : 03/15/2012
Suugaku Girl 2 : 03/15/2012
Suugaku Girl 3 : 03/15/2012
Suugaku Girl 4 : 03/15/2012
Suugaku Girl 5 : 03/15/2012
Suugaku Girl 6 : 03/15/2012
Suugaku Girl 7 : 03/15/2012
Suugaku Girl 8 : 03/15/2012
Suugaku Girl 9 : 03/15/2012
Suugaku Girl 10 : 03/18/2012
Suugaku Girl 11 : 03/18/2012
Suugaku Girl 12 : 03/18/2012
Suugaku Girl 13 : 03/18/2012
Suugaku Girl 14 : 03/20/2012