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Tail Star Manga
Tail Star Manga
Name :Tail Star
Alternate Name :
Year of Release :2012
Status :Ongoing
Author :OKAMA
Artist :OKAMA
Reading Direction :Right to Left
Genre :FantasyShounen
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Long ago, in the far reaches of space, there existed a world as pure and blue as the Earth. And on this world, there lived two "Queens" with the power to control it. When the world is thrown into chaos by one of those queens, a young boy and a young girl must stand up to challenge her for the sake of protecting all that they hold dear.

Chapter NameDate Added
Tail Star 1 : 03/02/2012
Tail Star 2 : 04/24/2012
Tail Star 3 : 04/24/2012
Tail Star 4 : A Tail Hunter's Battle06/09/2012
Tail Star 5 : The Sanagi In Mayu's Heart07/06/2012
Tail Star 6 : The Children Who Lived09/05/2012
Tail Star 7 : King Tail Hyakutake09/12/2012
Tail Star 8 : The Towering Wall11/28/2012
Tail Star 9 : The Queen's Comets11/28/2012
Tail Star 10 : Queen's Justice12/13/2012
Tail Star 11 : Elevator Action01/16/2013
Tail Star 12 : Elevator Action 202/06/2013
Tail Star 13 : The One I Can't Stand!03/06/2013
Tail Star 14 : 05/08/2013
Tail Star 15 : The Deep Sea05/08/2013
Tail Star 16 : Master And Pupil06/28/2013