Te to Kuchi Manga

Te to Kuchi Manga


Te to Kuchi

Alternate Name: Hand and Mouth
Year of Release: 2013
Status: Ongoing
Author: OOSAKI Tomohito
Artist: KAWASHITA Mizuki
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Action Comedy Ecchi Historical Romance Shounen Supernatural
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With the setting of Edo, we have that the more a wealthy a city grows, the more people will gather, and as a side effect more seeds of discord can easily be found. In one hand we have Shusuke, a slacker "almost" apprentice of a merchant with a rather large mouth who is pretty skilled in conversational skills and reading into people's intentions. In the other hand we have Rie, and gracious Yamato nadeshiko who is actually an expert swordswoman who has dedicated her life to her skills, who works as a benriya or hired hand / jack of all trades. What have these two in common? Well, besides their very own interesting backgrounds, we have that the two of them are actually quite indebted towards the same person, which is Shuusuke's merchant "mentor" & Rie's landlord.

Chapter Name Date Added
Te to Kuchi 1 : Female Swordsman
Te to Kuchi 2 : Short Sword Nagoshi Morikuni
Te to Kuchi 3 : Tsujigiri
Te to Kuchi 4 : On the Path While on Guard - (Part 1)
Te to Kuchi 5 : On the Path While on Guard - (Part 2)
Te to Kuchi 6 : On the Path While on Guard - Part 003
Te to Kuchi 7 : The Silent Youth - Part 001
Te to Kuchi 8 : The Silent Youth - Part 002