Torikae Fuukaden Manga

Torikae Fuukaden Manga


Torikae Fuukaden

Alternate Name: The princess with the double identity
Year of Release: 2004
Status: Completed
Author: YANAHARA Nozomi
Artist: YANAHARA Nozomi
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Fantasy Historical Romance Shoujo
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From Evil Flowers: Fukka, the daughter of the Inuiyama's lord, is determinate to do everything to help her father win the war and get him home safely. Because she's a girl she's not allowed to go to the battle field with him, but she hears about a certain "war ghost" called Byakkimaru has been seen near her town. The legend says that if you get Byakkimaru to join your side you will win the war. The little princess starts a trip in search of this ghost determined to save her clan.

Chapter Name Date Added
Torikae Fuukaden 1 : Chapter 1 A
Torikae Fuukaden 2 : Chapter 2
Torikae Fuukaden 3 : Chapter 2B
Torikae Fuukaden 4 : Chapter 3 + 3A