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XO Sisters Manga
XO Sisters Manga
Name :XO Sisters
Alternate Name :XO Sister
Year of Release :2011
Status :Ongoing
Author :Park Seong-Su
Artist :Hwang Seong-Won
Reading Direction :Left to Right
Genre :ActionComedyShounen
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Our protagonist Jo Cheul-Hee is a delinquent. He transfers to a new school, but what he doesn't know is that...

Chapter NameDate Added
XO Sisters 1 : I Can Still Remember Your Punch08/07/2011
XO Sisters 2 : I Had No Idea Back Then10/07/2011
XO Sisters 3 : What On Earth Are You?10/07/2011
XO Sisters 4 : The True Meaning Of True Strenght10/07/2011
XO Sisters 5 : Wonderful Sunday02/13/2012
XO Sisters 6 : Eveyone Has A Past03/22/2012
XO Sisters 7 : Hit The Golden Target!04/04/2012
XO Sisters 8 : Who Are You?04/16/2012
XO Sisters 9 : The Like Between Hostility And Coorperation05/24/2012
XO Sisters 10 : 06/12/2012
XO Sisters 11 : The Suspicious Shadow07/02/2012
XO Sisters 12 : Going To Surgeon Assosciation07/26/2012
XO Sisters 13 : Dreaming Girl07/26/2012
XO Sisters 14 : 12/15/2012
XO Sisters 15 : Unrevealing The Past OF JI-WOO!12/16/2012
XO Sisters 16 : 12/17/2012
XO Sisters 17 : Let's Go On A Fun Summer Break Trip!!12/22/2012